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Our mission at Richey Rite Restoration is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Water Damage Restoration Service. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

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What We Do

Water Mitigation

"Richey Rite Restoration - Your Trusted Partner in Water Mitigation!  When disaster strikes, we're here to restore your peace of mind and your property. Our expert team specializes in water mitigation, providing fast and efficient solutions to tackle water damage head-on. With years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to excellence, we're your go-to source for restoring homes and businesses to their former glory. From water extraction to moisture control and mold remediation, we've got you covered. Don't let water damage get the best of you – let Richey Rite Restoration make it right! 

Flooring Wooden Floor

Carpet Cleaning

"Richey Rite Restoration - Reviving Your Carpets to Perfection!  At Richey Rite Restoration, we're your local carpet cleaning experts, dedicated to bringing back the beauty and freshness of your floors. With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, we'll remove stains, dirt, and allergens, leaving your carpets looking and feeling like new. Whether it's a deep clean, stain removal, or regular maintenance, we've got you covered. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Your carpets deserve the best, and that's what we deliver! 



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